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Toenails need taking care of regularly: if you are unable to cut your own toenails, ask for help and get them trimmed professionally to avoid problems with hygiene and such things as thick nails.

Nail Trimming
Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing toenails are caused by pressure to the nail causing it to dig into the sulcus, or soft tissue at the sides of the nail. It can be caused by tight footwear, incorrect nail cutting, stubbing the toes, and other factors affecting the way you walk.  

Treatment includes the removal of nail 'spikes' that press into the skin.


Verrucas are warts on the sole of the foot caused by a viral infection called Human Papilloma Virus 2 (HPV2). They are also contagious. A verruca can heal by itself. However, if it causes pain and is persistent, there are treatments available for managing and eliminating the verruca.

Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot is a contageous fungal infection caused by breaks in the skin. The area infected becomes inflamed and the skin begins to flake away. 

Please ask for advice about the treatment of Athlete's Foot

Hard skin/Cracked heels

Hard skin, especially on the heels, can become very painful, cracking and bleeding if left untreated. Treatments include removing the hard or callused skin in order to expose the fresh, healthy skin underneath, and moisturising the area.

Corn Removal

Corns are small cone-shaped areas of hard skin caused by repeated pressure and friction to the skin, and can be very painful, especially when walking and running. The corn is removed, rather than softened of filed, which causes immediate relief from pain and discomfort.

Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nails are infectious and need to be treated. This kind of infection can cause discolouration to the nail and lead to thickening, as well as crumbling edges. If left untreated, a fungal nail infection will be become increasingly more difficult to treat. Please ask for advice and help if you are concerned about fungal nail infection.

£30.00 per standard treatment within 1 hour - we add £5.00 to the price for every additional 15 minutes per session.
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